Vintage Antique Watch. Gold Leaf Scroll Brass Fob Watch/ Chain. Unisex Fob Watch. Fashion Accessory - Watch


Antique Watch with ChainVintage Antique Butterfly Watch. Brass Fob Watch/ Chain. Fob Watch. Men's Gift, Unisex Gift. Watch Fob. Accessory


Sky Blue Face Pendant Watch - Stainless Steel Sued cord. Quartz Watch. Timepiece. Pendant Watch


JewelleryInspired4U - May YOU Sparkle in My Designs

✫`Hello, my name is Vanessa pleased to meet you!!! Sparkle in my jewellery. Hypoallergenic, sterling, gemstones, pearls, earrings, bracelets, necklaces. We offer hand knitted items too for the young at heart.

Cheers ^..^! Thank you.

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